Hello, my name is Sam, small business owner of Crafted with Glove. I live in Southampton and I am a nurse. I have always loved being creative and enjoy finding unique gifts for friends and family. During 2020, I started making personalised gifts for my family and I was really pleased with the outcome. I received lovely and encouraging feedback from those around me.


I decided to turn my passion into a small business and started Crafted with Glove. All items are hand painted and decorated by me and my product range includes home and nursery décor as well as scrapbooks. I make gifts for any occasion, basing my ideas on items I would use to decorate my home or gift to family and friends. I sell all of my items online and enjoy selling at local craft markets as well. 

I am more than happy to discuss custom orders/themes for any item. Please message me directly to discuss this either via the contact form, email or via social media platforms (links at the bottom of the page on mobile and top of the page on desktop).